About the error today

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It has been a long time to meet you on the notice board. I'm going to explain about the site error today.

From about 0 to 8 O'clock, SocialXE Official Site was in trouble. I noticed it, being on the way to school, and I could not repair it. Fortunately, BNU helped me, and the site became normal.

It was FirePHP, an XE debug message printing method, redeclared error. In other words, the files about FirePHP should have been loaded once, but it was loaded more than one time. We set the site not to display debugging message to fix it. We tried to find out where the code re-loads the files, but failed to do it.

Furthermore, on the day time, the error message was re-appeared, even though I didn't touch any settings, and it was fixed automatically. After school time, I set the site to print debug message again, but it didn't make the error. So, in this time, I could not find the reason of it.

Anyway, XE Core of the site was updated as it might have been a reason for the error.

As I told you before, you can maintain services of your site through the other sites that offers SocialXE server services like http://social.softnex.kr or http://bek.me after issuing a client token, or you can make your own SocialXE server by SocialXE server module.

I opened the programs and provides the services, but I can not do like an professional company. I believe you can fully understand me.


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