The best way to integrate site that is created by XE and SNS

Use SocialXE, you can integrate site that is created by XpressEngine and SNS easily and effectively.


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As you setup SocialXE on your XE, you can enjoy functions below.

Social Comments

Social Comments

You did not have to do extra 'join in' the membership of a site. Just use your SNS ID to post your social comment. Site administrator can provide this functions easily with SocialXE. Written comments would be shared on social network services. Site visitors can share their thinking about a page or document on your site with their friends easily. Site administrator can advertise their site efficiently.

More information about social comments

Social sign in

Social sign in

Visitors can sign in the site with one of their SNS ID. Signing in process with SNS ID requires e-mail address once, and it is saved in this site, but other steps to sign in would be done on the SNS.

More information about social sign in

SNS integration

XE 전반에 걸쳐 소셜 정보와 통합하고 연동할 수 있는 기능입니다. 회원들은 자신의 소셜 정보를 회원 정보에 통합할 수 있으며, 글/댓글에 대해 자동으로 소셜 사이트로 전송할 수 있습니다. 물론 전송할지 안 할지를 선택할 수도 있습니다.

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With introduced functions before, SocialXE is being developed. New functions will appear, and existing functions would be refined.

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Open source project

오픈소스 프로젝트

SocialXE is a opensource project. Anyone can contribute our project. Enjoy the dynamic project.

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