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SocialXE Comment widget is suitable for promoting page and other pages or boards. It is a widget! so, you can put it on any XE based web-pages.

SocialXE Comment widget

Put SocialXE Comment widget on pages

To lay a SocialXE Comment widget on a page as the homepage of SocialXE Official website, you should have a document, which comments will be posted on.

Create a board that is a dummy board for SocialXE Comment widget. Disallow every authorities. SocialXE Comment widget would ignore every authority settings, and this setting would block undesirable access to the dummy board.


Then, make a document, and remember the document sequence number(document_srl) of the document.

The document sequence number of this document is 116.

Now, add a widget on the 'page modify' page.


  • Document serial number, comment would be posted. : the serial number, you have remembered.
  • Title of contents, posted on SNS : As it says, write which title do you want as linked text on SNS.
  • Link url of contents, posted on SNS : Write the location of the page. The URL should not be a rewritten URL, like It should be NOT 'rewrite' URL like, and it should have the 'mid' data. You can enjoy unfolding a bundle of comments to a comment function.

Show a bunch of comments to a comment, as you click 'social service' link

As you modify a page, the widget would be displayed with the dummy design.


Click 'Save' page, you can see the widget added.


mid forwarding

As you display SocialXE Comment, one weak point would be seen. When someone click the link on a notification message, he or her may go to the document of the dummy board. Not to do this, there is a forwarding addon.


On SocialXE mid Forwarder addon, insert original document number and target mid. As you activate the addon, 'someone' would not see the dummy document, and go to the target page.

SocialXE Comment widget on board or other modules

SocialXE Comment widget can be applied at any modules of XE easily, because it's a widget. This manual can not show you every ways to apply, but it will show you 'How to catch the fish'.

To apply a widget, you should know which skin file ought to be modified, and variable names of a document, the module using. For example, the board module use view_document.html file to display a content, and the variable $oDocument to control a document.

If you found the skin files and variable names, put the widget code below on proper site of the skin file.

<img class="zbxe_widget_output" widget="socialxe_comment" skin="Skin name" colorset="ColorSet" document_srl="{$Variable of a Document->document_srl}" content_link="{getFullUrl('', 'document_srl', $Variable of a Document->document_srl, 'dummy', '1')}" content_title="{htmlspecialchars($Variable of a Document->getTitleText())}" enter_send="Y|N" />

On the code before, change 'Skin name', 'ColorSet', 'Variable of a Document', and enter_send variable should be changed. The board module as a example, you can display SocialXE Comment widget by the code below.

<img class="zbxe_widget_output" widget="socialxe_comment" skin="default" colorset="white" document_srl="{$oDocument->document_srl}" content_link="{getFullUrl('', 'document_srl', $oDocument->document_srl, 'dummy', '1')}" content_title="{htmlspecialchars($oDocument->getTitleText())}" enter_send="Y" />

Applying SocialXE Comment widget on the board module and Textyle module is explained at the blog post below. (in Korean)



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MyoungJae Son

2012.02.15 15:50:12

혹시 댓글 등록하면 새로고침이 자동으로 안되던데 고칠 방법 있나요??

Topia Uni

2012.02.17 17:03:48

댓글위젯에다가 페북로그인 하고 글 남겼을때.. 제 페북에 제가 글남기는게 연동안되려면 어떻게 해야하죠?

댓글에 대해 자동으로 소셜 연동 <ㅡ을 안하고 싶습니다. 그냥 이곳에 댓글만 남기고 싶어요..

도우미, 정보통합 전부 지웠고... 소셜 모듈이랑, 댓글위젯만 설치되어있는 상황입니다.

분명히 연동 체크해제해두었는데 아무리해도 안되네요... 알려주시면 감사드리겠습니다ㅜㅜ

ps 제가 직접 전송끄기로 꺼야하는것이 아니라.. 애초부터 전송이 안되게 설정하는거요~ㅜ.ㅜ


2012.02.21 15:57:37

페이지 저장을 눌러 위젯추가 까지는 했습니다.

근데 테스트로 글자를 입력하고 등록하면 아래 메시지 창으 뜹니다.

table 'change2012.xe_socialxe' doesn't exist

•소셜 서비스에 등록될 주소 부분이 잘 모르겠는데 이걸 잘 못 입력해서 그런가요... 잘 해보고 싶은데 잘 안되네요.


2012.02.21 16:41:42

이상한 부분이 또 있는데, 트위터나 페이스북 계정으로 로그인을 시도하면, 창이 하나 떠 있다가 이런 메시지의 창이 뜹니다. invalid client token 로그인은 물론 안되구요.

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에서 해당 블로그를 들어가면 저는 왜 글이 안보일까요? - -;

Yongkee Kim

2012.08.06 14:01:07

소셜XE 댓글을 설정하고 save를 눌렀는데 소셜XE를 적용한 페이지가 하얗게 되고 아무 것도 안됩니다. 어드민 설정으로 다른 페이지들은 접근이 되는데요. 처음 있는 일인데 어떻게 복구 할 수 있을까요?  고수님 들의 도움이 절실 합니다.

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